How to create a review showcase page?

LAI AliExpress Reviews app enables you to easily create a review showcase page that displays all of your product reviews in one place.

To create a review showcase page, you can follow three simple steps:

Step 1: Customize reviews that display on the dedicated Reviews page From the Dashboard, you go to Settings > Open the Reviews section > Enable the feature 'Happy customer page' and choose a proper option of three options:

  • New reviews: When you choose this option, all new updated reviews will show on the dedicated Reviews page

  • Product: With this option, you can choose reviews showing on the dedicated Reviews page from specific products.

  • Custom: This option allows you to choose specifically reviews showing on the home page.

Finally, please remember to save all settings and move to the second step.

Step 2: Create a review showcase page

On your Shopify homepage, you click the Online store > Choose Pages > Click the Add page button.

On this page, you move to the Template section > Choose ‘page.sma-reviews-happy-page’ option. Then give this page a title (For example: Happy Customers page) and click the save button.

Step 3: Show the review showcase page on your Shopify store

For people to see this review showcase page, you need to add it to your store's navigation. On your Shopify homepage, you click the Online store > Choose Navigation > Click Main menu > Click Add menu item.

A pop-up box then will appear. On the Link filter, find and click Pages > Choose the review showcase page that you’ve created

All setting steps completed. And here is the result:

If you have any troubles in using the app, please contact us via and we are always willing to support you!