Quick Start

This onboarding provides initial steps for first-time users to approach the app effectively.

Detailed explanation for each step:

Step 1: Install app

This step ensures that the app code is automatically applied to your store. This means that a Review Box will be displayed on your product page like so. We ask you to check that to make sure that the app works correctly. In case this Review Box is not visible to you, please contact support@smartifyapps.com.

Step 2: Sync products

This steps ensure that the product list is imported from your Shopify store to the app. Only by finshing this step, you can import AliExpress reviews to your products.

Step 3: Import reviews

This step instructs you to import reviews from the AliExpress product page to your product. If the instructions is difficult to follow or you need help with the bookmark, please refer to this guide or contact support@smartifyapps.com.


This report provides the main data to analyze and keep track of review performance. You can filter the data on the last 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and All time (all data from the start)

  • Total reviews submitted: Calculate the total reviews, including the reviews collected from the review box and the review imported.

  • Sales from reviews: Calculate the orders that customers placed after clicking the review on Homepage and other sources.

FAQ & Tips

You can find Frequently Asked Questions and Tips to fully make use of the app.