Get AliExpress reviews from Oberlo

Now you can click 1 button only from your Oberlo Product Page to get reviews directly from AliExpress without the need of filling product URL as usual.

From the Dashboard page, just go to Import Reviews => Scroll down and move to the 'Import reviews from Oberlo' sector

Setup easily as the instruction below:

Step 1: Add this extension to your chrome:

Step 2: Access your Oberlo Product Page and start importing reviews for all products as instructed below:

1.Click the 'Import Reviews' button on the top-right of your Oberlo Product Page.

** Please note that the Import Reviews button may not show due to network issue, just reload your browser and try again

2. Select the suitable filters to import the reviews

** Please note that this importing process will take a little time.

  • Rating: Set a limitation to import review with only specific ratings (3 stars and up / 4 stars and up / 5 stars).

  • Select Country: The app imports review from all countries by default, but if you only want to import reviews from a specific country, please select an option.

  • Only import reviews with photos: This option is blank by default. Click this if you only need reviews with at least a photo attachment

  • Only import reviews with content: This option is blank by default. Click this if you want to filter out reviews that don’t have text.

If you have any troubles, please contact us via and we are always willing to support you!