Import reviews through the bookmarks button

Please go to the Import Reviews tab.

Step 1: Drag and drop the IMPORT REVIEWS button to your bookmarks bar.

If you cannot find the bookmark bar because some browsers may keep this bar hidden by default, please follow this instruction:

  • On Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, press this combo:

Ctrl (⌘ on a Mac)+ Shift + B

  • On Firefox: Ctrl (⌘ on a Mac) + B

Or you can do this instead:

  • Open Chrome.

  • Click on this top-right icon. Choose Bookmarks and Show Bookmarks Bar.

Step 2: Go to your AliExpress page, then click the IMPORT REVIEWS button on the bookmark bar. Step 3: Select the product and the suitable filter to import the reviews. Once you finish this process, the approved review will be displayed immediately on your website.

  • Import to Product: Click the dropdown icon and select the desired product. Or type the product name to search and select the product.

  • Number of Reviews: Slide the slider to select the number of reviews to import.

  • Rating: Set a limitation to import review with only specific ratings (3 stars and up / 4 stars and up / 5 stars).

  • Priority: The app will import reviews respectively upon the priority order of each type of reviews. For example.

  • Countries: The app imports review from all countries by default, but if you only want to import reviews from a specific country, please select an option.

  • Translate to: The app will use AliExpress Translation. If you don’t prefer this option, please select “Do not translate”.

  • Only import reviews with photos: This option is blank by default. Click this if you only need reviews with at least a photo attachment

  • Only import reviews with content: This option is blank by default. Click this if you want to filter out reviews that don’t have text.

Then click the Preview and Import button.

Reviews that fit all the conditions you set will be previewed one by one. With reviews containing photos, please select 1 photo. Click the green buttons to import the review or the red button to filter it out.

After previewing all reviews, all approved reviews go live immediately on your product page. If you have any trouble with this step, please contact